A truly great company not only produces outstanding results, but also improves people’s lives away from the jobsite.


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    Over our company's history, we have found ourselves being drawn into the fabric Euro 2024 odds winnerof the communities that we work in.  It first began with the inclusion of neighborhood subcontractors into our projects. Then we began working with subcontractors to find ways to hire workers directly from the neighborhoods that we serve. We found that by including these groups in our projects, theft decreased, quality increased and the entire area took ownership of the project and the surrounding area. Our commitment to assist our communities has helped us to grow our company while benefiting the communities that we work in.

    Our team takes to heart the concept of giving back to the communities we serve. From hands-on neighborhood clean-up days to direct mentoring 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionof subcontractors and suppliers, we believe that improvement doesn't happen unless we get out there and do the work. Several times per year, our staff volunteers to repair, improve and groom various Detroit area parks, community gardens, and facilities. We also actively sponsor our non-profit clients' fundraising efforts. This can-do activism has lead to O’Brien Construction employees being asked to participate on many boards and committees, many of which focus on the growth, training and employment of people from local communities.

  • Excellent tradespeople and subcontractors are at the heart of our company's success. For several Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsyears now, O'Brien Construction has offered free Small Business Seminars to local and minority tradesmen and subcontractors to help them develop their business and better their operations. We understand that many of these small businesses would like to increase their productivity and improve services, but don't always have the resources to make that happen.

    O'Brien Construction’s free seminars teach practical skills and offer vital information that is valuable for all construction related contractors. Successful small businesses translate into a stronger community and economy. It also ensures that O'Brien Construction can continue to partner Online European Cup Football Bettingwith reliable, successful subcontractors. The collective result is a stronger community and a better industry. Topics for these seminars have included:

    • Accounting Documentation and Certified Payroll

    • Employment Practices and Project Documents

    • Small Business Law and Construction Law

    • Insurance and Bonding

    • Estimating, Project Engineering and Project Management

  • We are pleased to be major sponsors of the annual MSHDA Building Michigan Communities Conference which focuses on making Michigan’s communities better places to live, work, invest, and play. The conference's concept of "Partners Building Communities" aligns with our belief that membership Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsin building-related associations is a valuable way to make the construction industry stronger for Michigan and beyond. Some of the esteemed organizations with which we are actively affiliated:  

    • Associated General Contractors of America

    • Associated General Contractors of Michigan

    • National Society of Professional Engineers

    • Michigan Society of Professional Engineers

    • Engineering Society of Detroit

    • Construction Financial Management Association

    • National Association of Home Builders

    • Construction Association of Michigan

    • Michigan Housing Council

    • SER Metro-Detroit Youthbuild